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Consider integrating your e-mail marketing directly into the shopping cart and order management system. This helps managing customers and prospects easier and businesses comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.
The use of electronic mail to advertise unethically, harass, annoy, or cause harm to the email recipient. Abuse can take the form of bulk email, SPAM, UCE, threatening e-mail, e-mail sent with the intent to slow productivity of, or cause damage to, the recipient's computer system. It is a world wide problem and anyone with an e-mail address is vulnerable. Don't let someone take over your PC or Mac.

EmailAbuse.org is dedicated to informing users of this potential email abuse and providing them with the tools to avoid becoming a victim and to fight back at Email Abusers!

New section: Spam Filter Reviews.

We have tried to gather the most popular Anti-Spam and antivirus software options available. There is not one perfect spam killer or filtering option to provide us all with spam protection. Obviously it has become a cat and mouse game for the spammers and the rest of us. Some people prefer the server-side email filters which catch the spam before it gets to your mail box. Other people prefer software that you run on your home computer to help filter out the spam. Or some prefer a third-party system that utilizes the challenge system which makes anybody that emails you go to a special website and confirm they know you. This will help prevent more serious computer threats such as spyware and viruses, but the right id theft protection service will help keep your personal information confidential.

EmailAbuse.org Resources
Help for Victims

Step by step instructions that will take you from identifying the type of abuse all the way to reporting the abuser to the proper authorities.
Abuse Glossary

Not sure what a particular term means? Check out our glossary for descriptions of e-mail abuse related words.
Prevention Tips

A collection of useful tips that may prevent your becoming a victim of e-mail abuse! One such way is to make sure your firewall is up to date. We have used cisco routers for many years on our network.
Abuse Resources

Check out this info on anti-abuse utilities. You'll find everything from mail spam filters to virus scanners.
Anti-Spam Resources

Read our reviews of the best spam blocker programs and mail filters. If the goverment won't stop the spam at least there are software programs to help block spam from filling up your Outlook email box.

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